Quantum View 10.1quot, Great pc/tablet. Take my advice about battery charging in my opinion

The few days ago. I search for information on the Quantum View 10.1quot Tablet and keyboard with Windows 8.1 amp Office 365, so i would like to describe here.

Quantum View 10.1quot Tablet and keyboard

Combining the standard elements of speed and convenience The Quantum View also meets the necessary marks in functionality user friendliness and affordability. Complete with a pre-installed Windows 8.1 32GB of memory and a much slimmer price tag than most on the shelves The Quantum View easily surpasses the competition. For those looking to play more than work the HDMI interface .... Read more or Check Price

The opinions of the customers who bought this item

This is a great tablet I have used for about 7 days now and I like it. I learned from some people here that I can load a program and switch back and ... by Jefferey

This is my third day of this tablet so far and meets the needs that I had for it. As a developer and hobbyist game professional programmer wanted a tablet that would let me do it ... by Rodrigo Hernandez

I love this tablet I had an Android tablet that was ok and I prefer Android phones more than ios or windows but in this Windows platform still has a huge advantage. by Jared

great Tablet. "I had this pc / tablet for 2 months and I am very happy""Ho avuto questo pc / tablet per 2 mesi e sono molto contento""""""it""I had this"1truefalse860030"pc"2truefalse898340"/"3truefalse616450"tablet"4truefalse616560"for 2 months and"5truefalse4646100"I am very happy"6truefalse50310140"Ho avuto questo"1"I had this"860truefalse"I have had this"7truefalse"I got this"0truefalse015"Ho avuto questo pc / tablet per 2 mesi e sono molto contento""pc"2"pc"898truefalse"computer"0truefalse"pcs"0truefalse"your PC"0truefalse"the PC"0truefalse1618"""/"3"/"616truefalse1920"""tablet"4"tablet"616truefalse"tablets"0truefalse"the tablet"0truefalse"on Tablet"0truefalse2127"""per 2 mesi e"5"for 2 months and"464truefalse2840"""sono molto contento"6"I am very happy"503truefalse"am very happy"7truefalse"I am very pleased"3truefalse"am very pleased"0truefalse4160"""Ho avuto questo PC / tablet per 2 mesi e sono molto contento"6"it"62. I added an SD card 64g. Great keyboard case and screen protector. by TGG

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