The Smartphone And Tablet Virtual Keyboard. in my opinion

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The Smartphone And Tablet Virtual Keyboard.

The Smartphone And Tablet Virtual Keyboard.

This is the Bluetooth device that projects a laser-generated keyboard onto any flat opaque surface providing an instant keyboard for any smartphone or tablet. The Class I laser device generates a 9 3/4"-wide x 4"-deep keyboard with 3/4" keys and recognizes keystrokes in three dimensions by an optical sensor that detects finger placement at different areas on the keyboard distinguishing between a finger hovering above the space bar or a number key. An invisible infrared horizontal plane projected millimeters above the surface detects actual contact with "keys"-when the plane is interrupted by a finger the projector assigns a keyboard character passing it along to a paired device. Keeps pace with typing speeds up to 400 characters-per-minute. ... Read more

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